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Growing Greener Ordinance Revisions
Whitemarsh Township

CVC was selected to prepare the ordinance amendments that would successfully implement the Conservation Design principles. CVC is currently working with the Whitemarsh Township Planning Commission to adapt the Growing Greener model ordinances to the format of the Township ordinances.


Community Planning services provided by CVC include the following:
  • Effective Community Planning:
    • Agricultural Preservation
    • Demographic Studies
    • Growth Management Studies
    • Municipal Comprehensive Plans
    • Recreation, Park and Open Space Plans
    • Strategic Planning

  • Meaningful Public Involvement:
    • Advisory Group Involvement
    • Focus Group Facilitation
    • Newsletter Preparation
    • Public Opinion Surveys
    • "Resident-Driven" Planning Processes

  • Leveraging Technology to Provide Solutions:
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Information Management for Zoning and Permitting
    • Infrastructure Management Using GIS
    • Internet Website Development with GIS
    • "Point & Click" (HTML) Plans & Ordinances

  • Ordinance Preparation and Support:
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Floodplain Management Ordinances
    • Growth Management Ordinances
    • Natural Features Conservation Ordinances
    • Official Maps
    • Open Space Development Ordinances
    • Planned Residential Development Ordinances
    • Stormwater Management Ordinances
    • Subdivision/Land Development Ordinances
    • Zoning Ordinances

  • Understanding Infrastructure Needs:
    • Capital Improvement Planning
    • Sewage Facilities (Act 537) Plans
    • Sewage Management Planning

  • Financial Services:
    • Fiscal Impact Studies
    • Grant Application and Assistance
    • Impact Fee Analysis
    • Utility Rate Analysis

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