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Growing Greener Ordinance Revisions
Whitemarsh Township

CVC was selected to prepare the ordinance amendments that would successfully implement the Conservation Design principles. CVC is currently working with the Whitemarsh Township Planning Commission to adapt the Growing Greener model ordinances to the format of the Township ordinances.



Castle Valley Consultants utilizes Information Systems Technology as a tool to serve a broad spectrum of our client's needs.

  • Mapping:
    • Community Facilities/Infrastructure
    • Land Use
    • Watersheds
    • Open Space Property Prioritization
    • Development Constraints
    • Environmental
    • Building Site Location
    • Marketing Studies
    • Demographics
    • Golf Course Siting

  • Database Design:
    • Easement
    • Infrastructure
    • Open Space Prioritization
    • Permits
    • Utilities

  • Digitizing:
    • Parcel Mapping
    • Parcel Updates
    • Utilities
    • Zoning

  • Public Involvement:
    • Maps are a great way to get your point across!
    • Community Visioning
    • Consensus Building
    • Forums/Workshops
    • Media and Publicity
    • Advisory Committees
    • Public Hearings

  • Training:
    • ArcView GIS Software Instruction

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