Castle Valley Consultants provides civil engineering design services in a variety of markets, including land planning, site development of residential subdivisions, commercial development, education and healthcare facilities, water/wastewater, landfills, reservoirs, and many other facets of land development. We can combine many other in-house services, from surveying to construction inspection and testing, to provide a product from start to finish. Our goal is to design a cost effective project that incorporates good engineering science, meets the local, state, and federal regulations or codes, and is an appealing design that meets or exceeds client expectations.

Castle Valley’s civil engineering expertise includes: Traditional and Alternative Wastewater Treatment and Collection Systems, Wastewater and Storm Water Spray and Drip Irrigation, Water Storage, Water Distribution Systems, Water Treatment Facilities, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Site Development,  Land Development, Subdivisions, Grading / Earthwork, Flood Control, Storm Water systems, and Roadway / Street Design.

Our goal is to design cost effective solutions that meet or exceed client expectations.